Super Mom Solitude

When you sit down in a moment of solitude, who are you?

 These days, I get my moments of solitude at 12:30 in the morning.  After the dishes are washed, clothes are folded, and my last emails, facebook messages, tweets & texts are sent out for the night.  As I take a relaxing breath of accomplishment, I realize that I am still the same ambitious woman, that I was before getting married and having babies so long ago.

I don’t know about you, but at times,  I am tired, and I drink far too much wine, but I am here, a little battle scarred from life, but I ( the true me) still exists.  The young girl who drank bubble tea by the gallon, and wanted to take over the world, is still within me.  I still have my original journal with my 5 year plan ( HA!). I hate to disappoint the 18 year old me, but in the time that has passed,  I’ve gained much and lost much.  I’ve learned is that as long as my laughter outweighs my tears, it was a a good day.

Keeping a list of my goals is something I’ve always done.  Sometimes, when life gets in the way you can feel disappointed, and discouraged.  I choose not to.  A goal can always be reassessed with a new time line or metric. Maybe, I wasn’t meant to become a background dancer for Janet Jackson, but I have honed in on other skills that are marketable, or that just make me happy. This post is a result of me sitting down and realizing what is important. My family, my health, and being able to pay the bills are pretty high up on the needs list for me, but I need to focus on what I need to thrive.  I’m dedicating myself to work out more, watch less tv, and to stress less.

This post is goes out to all of the super moms, who haven’t  lost sight of who they are and what is there to accomplish.

Have you taken the time to optimize your ME time?

Why would I want to smell like Mediocrity?

For Some reason Jennifer Aniston thinks I’d like to.

It doesn't have a cool name

It doesn’t even have a cool name.  “Jennifer Aniston” by Jennifer Aniston. *Blows Raspberry*  Seeing this new addition to the current celebrity fragrance lines makes me wonder what these parfum executives are thinking. If rich folks haven’t noticed, it’s a recession, I’m holding onto my dollars very carefully and if I could smell like any one in the world it would NOT be Jennifer Aniston. P.S. I am not ripping on Ms. Aniston, all I’m saying is that she doesn’t consistently piss excellence.  I’d rather wear “Hobo” by the Olsen twins if that were the case.  But the issue at large is that I for one do not relate to Ms. Aniston, her roles don’t have any real depth, and I, for the record have deep moments — on occasion.   When I consider of her body of work, I think Pieces of Flair lady from “Office Space”, and the break up lady from ” The Break Up”.  I was annoyed by Rachel Greene, and secretly hoped for many seasons that her character would have a reason to relocate, and not receive a spin off.

That being said, I will be passing on this fragrance.


Ok, I’m still learning, but I put my blog on wordpress like @luvvieig   is always advising on twitter.  Now the question is what to write about.  I look forward to engaging you and hope you continue to visit my blog.


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